a singer in a smoky room, a smell of wine and cheap perfume, for a smile they can share the night, it goes on and on and on and on

Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’

EDIT: You know those nights where you don’t feel good about yourself at all? Yeah, its happening more and more often. Tonight too. Yesterday as well. Meh. I haven’t felt this crappy in a long time. Just broke a bottle and cut myself, accidentally. Urgh. I suck.

Its been a good two days. Lots of outings, meeting up with friends. Just missing the class peeps now.

Sat, slept a long night, woke up late. Went for guitar outing. Met up with a bunch of people i haven’t seen in a long time. Supposed cycling trip got cancelled, k plans got cancelled, then went to watch a movie. Hangover 2, which wasn’t really the right movie to watch with this group of people, but oh well. After that, mucked around, then talked, played cards a bit, then left for dinner. At some Mr Curry place. It was not too bad, there was this girl that looked like/reminded me of wanxin there. Hahaha. Weird. Went to Esplanade, later, to catch the outdoor concert. Little Rockers, with Jack (from Jack & Rai) and another guy. Pretty awesome. 13-17 and making such amazing music. The girls can really sing, and the guys can really play the guitar. Really well too. The solos, were epic. The atmosphere and all was just great!

Sun, went out with the gang. Its been a long time since we went out together too. En Wei was dead at home though. Wanted dim sum, but it was too crowded, so went to this other place in Sunshine Plaza, for chicken wings, rice and meatballs. HAHA. Epic. Lots of random shizz. Movie, again, Your Highness, this time. Whoopeedoop. Awesome show. REALLY REALLY AWESOME. M18 though, go watch if you can. Funny like crap, full of stupid sexual innuendoes, but plays true to tradition like crazy, filled with tropes, and it has Zooey Deschanel! Heh. Why not! Yogurt later, because Daryl wanted to meet his girl. Which was epic, cos they ran out of strawberry, so she had to make more. Fun, and good. Left soon after that.

Rushed down to school. To meet Squad! Yay. As usual, its been a really long time. As usual, ball session died. Gossiped and talked as usual. Played ball in school, a bit at least, then went around taking photos. JUMPSHOTS YAY.

Squad is always stupid, and we practically did nothing in school. Heh. Walked to KLP, in the hot sun, with everyone complaining. Hahaha. Then, had dinner at Nihon Mura. Was pretty okay i guess. They wanted to grab icecream, but i guess some of us had to go first. Me, Daphne, and HongSheng, so we took the train and left.

Its nice to see such a big group! Adelyn, Qingyi, Biqi, Tiffany, Shunjie, HongSheng, Daphne, Zhiying. 10th Anniversary’s coming soon too. Hopefully, we can gather a bigger outing then. Nah, not hopefully, we will!

Its nice to see the overseas people coming back. And its nice to see everyone whom i haven’t been seeing for such a long time, and its really nice to still be able to talk and chat like we used to. I guess this comes with being old. You realise that you’ve all known each other for so long. And you realise that time isn’t on your side anymore, with everyone having their own commitments, be it people, or activities. Meeting up often, doesn’t exist anymore. Its not like school days when all you needed to do, was come for school, and you’ll see each other. Its not like there’ll be the same squad table in the canteen every morning, or whatever. Its kinda sad, but life moves on. People stay, people go, but somehow we’re always connected, at least through memories. Or things. Or whatever.

In other notes, i think i’m just jealous of others. Meh. Especially you. That would explain much of the previous post.

Heh, goodbye its back to camp for a tiring week ahead.

Motivation, please find me. D:

(Like Jiayi said, i’m motivated by people, but lately, there hasn’t been much people around. Hm.) Sadface.


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